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    Costs of doing Business in Ireland 2015

    Date:24 April 2015 
    Source: NCC
    Topics: Prices and Costs

    This report is produced by the National Competitiveness Council under the Action Plan for Jobs 2015. The report benchmarks key business costs and highlights areas where Irish enterprise costs are out of line with key competitors. The report concentrates on costs that are largely domestically determined such as labour, property, energy, water, waste, communications and business services, and considers both price levels, and changes in those levels (i.e. price inflation). This year’s report also includes two additional chapters examining commercial insurance costs, and waste costs.

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    Thumbnail of PDF ImageCosts of doing Business in Ireland 2015 (PDF, 70 pages , 3,985KB)

    Thumbnail of PDF ImagePress release: Costs of doing Business in Ireland 2015 (PDF, 5 pages , 182KB)

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