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    Benchmarking Competitiveness, Competitiveness Bulletin 17-2

    Benchmarking Bulletin JPEG
    Date:12 April 2017 
    Source: NCC
    Topics: Competitiveness Bulletins

    Competitiveness Key to Meeting the Economic Challenges of Brexit

    Ireland’s economic prosperity is inextricably linked to how competitive we are internationally. Our competitiveness performance reflects the interaction of a wide range of factors that combined determines firms based ability to compete successfully in international markets. The unprecedented challenges posed by Brexit provide urgent impetus to enhance our competitiveness performance. The purpose of the Council’s new report Benchmarking Competiveness: Ireland and the UK, 2017 is to provide a statistical snapshot assessment of Ireland's current competitiveness performance across areas which are crucial to improving our international competitiveness position. Ireland’s competitiveness performance is considered with specific reference to the UK, to establish areas where policy attention could enhance Ireland’s competitiveness.

    This Competitiveness Bulletin summarises key facets of Ireland's performance, and sets out a number of policy considerations for increasing productivity growth. The Bulletin is available to download here