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    IMD Competitiveness Ranking, Competitiveness Bulletin 17-4

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    Date:02 June 2017 
    Source: NCC
    Topics: Competitiveness Bulletins

    Welcome improvement in Competitiveness Rank but Challenges Remain

    Ireland’s competitiveness ranking as benchmarked by the IMD has improved from 7th to 6th most competitive economy in the world in 2017. Ireland is the 2nd most competitive economy in the Euro area.

    This is Ireland’s strongest performance since 2000. Ireland has significant improvements in the 4 rankings related to economic performance, business efficiency, government efficiency and infrastructure over the last 5 years

    The IMD Report underlines the importance of maintaining competitiveness in the context of intense competition internationally for exports, mobile investment and talent. It is also a timely reminder about the need to continuously implement policies to improve our performance further in light of significant challenges such as Brexit, exchange rate movements and uncertain global growth.

    The 2 page Competitiveness Bulletin summarising Ireland’s performance is available here