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    National Competitiveness and Productivity Council Bulletin 20-1

    NPCP Bulletin 20-1
    Date:30 November 2020 
    Source: NCPC
    Topics: Competitiveness Bulletins

    The National Competitiveness Council will now be known as the National Competitiveness and Productivity Council, reflecting the Council’s expanded mandate as Ireland’s National Productivity Board. This Bulletin outlines the importance of productivity as the ultimate engine of long-term economic growth and utilises the latest CSO productivity statistics to analyse productivity trends in Ireland.

    The NCPC is committed to supporting research on the drivers of productivity in Irish enterprises, so that we have solid evidence on which to base recommended actions to improve enterprise productivity in all sectors of the Irish economy, especially in SMEs.

    The Bulletin can be found here.

    The accompanying press release can be found here.