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    National Competitiveness and Productivity Council Bulletin 21-2

    Thumbnail - OECD Going for Growth report - NCPC Bulletin 21-2
    Date:29 April 2021 
    Source: NCPC
    Topics: Competitiveness Bulletins

    Every year, the OECD publishes the Going for Growth report, which identifies structural reform priorities designed to boost medium-term economic growth in an inclusive and sustainable way. In addition, the OECD formulates recommendations on how to address these priorities and tracks actions that have already been taken in these areas.

    The OECD has made a series of policy recommendations under five headings:

    • Improved labour force participation and employment
    • Boost housing supply and reform support
    • Ease barriers to entry and boost competition
    • Expand healthcare coverage and ensure cost containment
    • Use economic instruments to address climate change and local pollution

    Through the Going for Growth report, the OECD make a valuable contribution to the ongoing debate about competitiveness and productivity in Ireland, especially as the economy re-opens post-COVID-19. As the Council turns to preparing the Competitiveness Challenge, which makes policy recommendations to the Government, we will review these OECD recommendations.

    The NCPC bulletin on the Going for Growth report can be found here, and the OECD document can be found here.