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    NCPC Submission to Central Bank of Ireland Strategic Plan 2022- 2024

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    Date:11 May 2021 
    Source: NCPC
    Topics: Submissions

    The National Competitiveness and Productivity Council is responsible for identifying potential productivity and competitiveness issues within the Irish economy and making recommendations on how to address these issues to enhance Ireland’s competitiveness and productivity performance. In carrying out these functions, the Council has identified two main areas where there is a potential overlap with the Central Bank of Ireland. These two areas are: (i) the analysis of productivity developments in Ireland; and (ii) the business cost of the provision of certain financial services (such as credit and insurance).

    As Ireland’s National Productivity Board, the Council has an important role in promoting policy-relevant productivity research in Ireland. Given the centrality of productivity to long-term economic growth, the Council believes that it is particularly relevant to the work of the Central Bank of Ireland.

    NCPC Submission here.