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    Government Response to ICC 2022

    Name Change Cover
    Date:30 November 2022 
    Source: NCPC
    Topics: Other Reports

    The National Competitiveness and Productivity Council (NCPC) welcomes the publication of the Government’s formal response to the recommendations set out in Ireland’s Competitiveness Challenge 2022 published on 16 September 2022. This is the third time the Government has provided a formal response to the recommended actions proposed by the Council and demonstrates the ongoing positive engagement between the Council and the Government. By publishing its annual responses, the Government has indicated how it is dealing with a range of key recommendations across a wide policy domain. It reflects how the NCPC, while retaining its independence, can engage effectively with senior officials, including Council Advisors, and Government Departments.

    The Council’s vision is a society underpinned by a competitive and productive economy that delivers sustainable economic growth and benefits all of society, allowing for continued improvements in living standards. This is especially important in light of the changes ahead with the digital and green transitions and associated with the new ways of living and working that accelerated during the pandemic.

    Ireland’s Competitiveness Challenge 2022 report identifies some 20 recommendations that address both immediate competitiveness issues, and more medium-term challenges, aimed at enhancing Ireland’s competitiveness and productivity performance. These recommendations are intended to assist in the building of a more sustainable and inclusive economy, underpinned by broad-based productivity growth, an adaptable and highly skilled workforce, adequate physical and social infrastructure, and manageable business costs.

    The Council will take account of the Government response in its ongoing work and will continue its constructive engagement with Government, ensuring that issues important to maintaining competitiveness and increasing productivity are being addressed.

    The Government’s response to the recommendations set out in Ireland’s Competitiveness Challenge 2022 can be found here.