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    Ireland's Competitiveness Challenge 2022

    Date:16 September 2022 
    Source: NCPC
    Topics: Annual Reports

    Ireland’s Competitiveness Challenge 2022 identifies the key competitiveness and productivity challenges facing the Irish economy and makes recommendations to Government on how to address them.

    The Challenge 2022 report identifies four broad medium and long-term strategic challenges and outlines 20 tangible, actionable policy recommendations to the Government aimed at enhancing Ireland’s competitiveness and productivity performance. The NCPC believe these recommendations will build towards a sustainable and inclusive economy, underpinned by broad based productivity growth, an adaptable and highly skilled workforce, adequate physical and social infrastructure, and manageable business costs.


    The four key challenges identified are to:


    • boost broad based productivity growth;
    • enhance labour market performance;
    • support infrastructure investment for a better future; and
    • manage the costs of doing business.



    The Competitiveness Challenge 2022 is available here and the accompanying press release can be found here.