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    Council Welcomes Government Response to Recommendations

    Government response cover
    Date:27 November 2020 
    Source: NCPC
    Topics: Other Reports

    The National Competitiveness and Productivity Council (NCPC) welcomes the publications of the Government’s first formal response to the Competitiveness Challenge recommendations.

    Improving Ireland’s productivity and competitiveness is crucial to the sustainability of the economy, and taking action in this area allows for continued improvement in living standards.

    In the Competitiveness Challenge, the Council provides the Government with a series of targeted evidence-based recommendations on the policy actions that would lead to these competitiveness and productivity improvements.

    The Government has responded to all 20 of the recommendations that were set out by the Council in the Competitiveness Challenge 2020. This response is a key development for the Council, as it demonstrates the Government’s commitment to continued dialogue on competitiveness and productivity issues.

    The Government’s response to the Competitiveness Challenge 2020 recommendations can be found here.